Written Works

Please enjoy these articles to use as tools to your happiness there will be new articles published as time evolves so come back often and muse to your hearts delight.

“Looking into the Eyes of Love”

“You don’t love me any more,” he said with disdain; some foreign illusion unmet. “You act as if I don’t exist. Your words don’t engage me or validate me. You speak as if my needs have no value to you. Can’t you see how desperate I am for some level of approval, some crumb of bread at my table to feed on? How could you treat me in such an uncaring way? Can’t you even pretend to show some attention; to try and care for me?”

She stood there, eyes full of life. He the beholder could see only through veil of his illusions.

“I love you,” she said. “I have loved you from the beginning and will always love you.”

“But to me your actions say indifference,” his pain surfacing more. “You act so different than what I believe love to be, what my emotions tell me that love is. Like the caring I want, the validation, the support, and the way I choose to respond to my pain. You just do not act as if you want me to be me. I have trusted you to be there for me and love me the way I want to be loved. It is your fault I am feeling this way. Look how you make me feel. Can’t you even try to be a little like the way I want you to be?”

She heard his plea for love. She could see the wounds, the pain, and the illusions that had been perceived as love as his storyteller became totally engaged, speaking of the hurt and confusion. Her love flowed deeply. Her mastery allowed her to see clearly his ravenous diet for the pain and suffering; the filter for his point of view of life, of love.

She looked into his eyes and drew him into the depth of her love and faith in life with respect for his journey. From the fullness of her truth she spoke, “With love and respect for all your creations, I see you my dear. I see the confusion and the lies you tell to make yourself suffer. I see the distortions, as well as the places of intention and desire you have created to be at peace in your life. Even so, perhaps I dream a different dream.”

Her intent was palpable as she spoke the truth and the love she lived. She was caressing life with the sound of her creation, with the openness of her voice, with the tone and taste of honey.

“My dear you are love. The pain, the need, and the fear you speak of; are the illusions you were taught to believe as a child that are no longer here. In this moment you have the greatest opportunity to step aside, to choose life and feel all the happiness you can possibly imagine. Open now and be love.” Her smile was gentle, her presence radiant.

“I stopped trying to care any more because I have seen you as the truth you are. I no longer have to pretend to care. I just love you! There is no need to validate your perceived needs to have a mother, friend or lover to tell you “you are ok”. You are life, not separate from life, just being love; because your life as your art is beautiful. I have seen that by loving all of you what is not love will fall away. I also see that supporting your wounds and lies of disillusion are only serving the storyteller; the prince of lies that lives here in your creation. Love has no condition, no attachments; any thing else is something else entirely. I am not here my love to be your mother or to make you feel safe in an old way that no longer serves you. I choose to be here as one who loves you as life loves you. Can you see that perhaps you were looking for me to be something that was a disturbance in your life in the past and was not truth in how it was presented and you choose to believe in this?”

As he listened to the truth she spoke, he could see how he had been expressing his life through the loud voice of a ghost of the past and was asking life to be that now. Somehow it all just didn’t fit. He was asking life to be something other than what it is. The need and the deep desire for mommy to make it safe came from his perception of a lie: the need of his mother’s actions to take care of life for him. He saw his belief in the ancient agreement: “I can’t receive love until you make it safe for me”. These actions were not allowing him to be in the present moment; the distortion, the lie of who he was had held his attention in the past. He was awakening in the truth of this moment. This body required nothing outside of itself to be love, to be heard; it need not be given anything by anyone to simply be the moment of life that he was. No daddy being daddy or mommy being mommy or lover being a conditional lover; just life experiencing life and embracing this moment as his heaven, his beloved.

As he closed his eyes and drew a breath deep into his body he heard his truth, “Be life here in this moment, not in some far away place that once was. By being here I have the presence to enjoy life and all its wonders. This moment does not have to be colored by something that happened in the past. This moment in truth is this moment; here, now”.

In that moment he opened his eyes and he saw the love that was there; that the light of life that was his birthright, had been there for him to bask in, to play with all along. The requirements just fell away in that moment of truth. The duality was no more; there was nothing to solve, no need to fix, all was there loving and bathing life in life. He was “looking into the eyes of love”.

This short story illustrates a truth I have uncovered: the distortion of this moment comes from the program not from life itself. I have written this story to speak to an illusion, the mirage that attempted to lure me into the lies of not getting any feedback from a master teacher of a class I attend. That being: when I come up and speak you have no reply other than “next”.

With gratitude, love, loyalty and “just is”…all things are perfect and I am here to receive my change and truth…”next.”

Big Love, Lonnie