About Us

The Awakening Vision web portal is the creation of Lonnie Luke . I am a dreamer, seer and passionate lover of life. I have many loves , interest and passions. This moment is one of them. I give myself the permission to just be life in this moment; through awareness we connect to our personal Truth and through truth the more love deeply enriches.

Lonnie is an artist working in many mediums. “All that I do is art. I also bring into play my reference as a ordained Certified Pastoral Counselor, a Third Degree Reiki Practitioner, Shamanic Breathwork facilitator, and living the Toltec wisdom of a spiritual warrior and healer. I have been working in the field of spirit recovery and healing for 11 years, pulling from many indigenous paths of self discovery and recovery”. In truth we are our only healer as life experiences life.

Lonnie has crafted his own approach to the language of the heart and it powerful healing. As children we operate from a true and magical place of transformation, authentic healing power. We take this authentic healing power to those places where we have fallen asleep, forgotten our truth, and bring forth our true nature. From this heart centered place we shift the limitations we have set for ourselves, opening to the vibrant expression of our true nature.